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< Back to Articles Are you an actor who has what it takes to help businesses bring their ideas to life? If so, has the perfect job for you. offers a wide range of acting jobs to actors and actresses to star in video press releases for business clients. The concept is simple: The client comes to with the need to create publicity materials for their business. They can upload a script, or hire one of our scriptwriters to work with them on what they want to say. Then, the client chooses some specifics about the video, and picks actors to star in the video from a selection of actor profiles on our Web site. One of those actors could be you! With many paying clients, has a wide range of acting jobs. Submit your work samples today for a chance to take advantage! All Kinds of Work! Many businesses need to appeal to many different types of customers or target markets. So, no matter who you are are what kinds of work you've done in the past, may have acting jobs for you. And it's a great way for actors to get noticed, because we strive for the broadest possible distribution and visibility for our clients. For example, videos are optimized for Youtube and uploaded there, where guarantees the first 1,000 hits for its clients. A fantastic way show off your skills, get paid, and be seen by thousands or more? You bet it is. Submit your profile today and find out what kinds acting jobs are available at Be Cast in the Best Possible Light! Don't settle for second-rate acting jobs with poor production technique. At, we work with all the best video production equipment, and even better planning and production personnel. We have top-notch scriptwriters and employ all the latest processes in creating a top-notch, professional, modern-day look and feel for our clients. As an actor, that benefits you, too, adding great looking content to your demo reels that can help you get more work in the future. And our distribution techniques are fully-optimized for the modern world too. In addition to releasing our videos out over youtube and optimizing them to be embedded in clients' web pages, our staff makes full use of the viral power of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and online communities. Taking the right acting jobs with can make you the next big thing, too! is the new wave in public relations: Modern, well-produced publicity videos with strong production values, writing, and great acting. Get on board today with finding quality acting jobs by visiting our site and letting us know what you can do! < Back to Articles