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< Back to Articles Setting up a corporate video production company is more and more being seen as a way towards a lucrative and satisfying business venture. The demand for corporate videos are increasing as major corporations find it a good way to capture clients with impressive videos of their products and services and also establishing an underlying communication of their vision and goals. Corporates also use videos for promotion, training and safety and demonstration of products as well as for projecting financial results. A corporate video production company is usually equipped with the very latest in technology and they are also professionals and widely experienced in this field. They strive to be unique and to bring in something new to each of their corporate videos as this is one of the sure ways of getting ahead in the game. The efforts of the corporate video production company are to produce a corporate video which will take the company ahead of its competitors by concentrating on the impact delivered by a powerful visual presentation. The corporate video production company produces visually impacting and visually pleasing presentations which are then used by the company to upload on their official websites and other websites like They also arrange for the video to be copied on to DVDs which can then be used to circulate among a larger section of their existing or potential clientele. The professionals that form a part of the corporate video production company consist of specialists in videotaping, editing and sometimes even distributing a finished video. This is usually denoted by typical terms like pre-production (the planning and development of content, including decisions of locations and the all-important allocations of budgets), production (the real action of filming which combines direction, lights and sound) and post-production (this is the time when the work is fine-tuned " editing, graphic designing, special effects and then processes of mass production and distribution are some of the features of post-production). < Back to Articles