Custom Discount Videos For Ridiculously Low Video Production Rates

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< Back to Articles Video is one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolkit, but video production rates price many people out of the market. Luckily, PR Video offers custom discount videos at video production prices anyone can affordâ€"starting at just $99 dollars! Many video production houses set their video production cost at $100 dollars per hour, or $1,000 per finished minute. Small businesses have almost no chance of being able to afford even one video at those video production rates, much less a chance of creating a custom video series that will get them noticed on YouTube, Google, or the other major search engines. But PR Video’s network of individual filmmakers and aspiring actors allows us to make custom discount videos with a ridiculously low video production cost. We pay our people well for their time, but simply don’t have the overhead most video production houses have. If you’re in the market for custom discount videos, check out PR Video! All of our video production prices and ala carte services are laid out clearly on our “Pricing” page, so you know exactly what you’re getting, no surprises. You can’t afford NOT to make your own custom discount videos with PR Video! < Back to Articles