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< Back to Articles Looking for ways to contain video production costs for your custom promotional videos? Look no further. PR Video’s competitive video production pricing offers the very best value you can get for your money. We specialize in creating unique video productions for small businesses. Our laser-focus on the small business niche allows us to keep our video production costs low and our quality high"we’re not spending your money on Hollywood car chases, 3D animation or special effects"just the bare bones that allow us to create custom promotional videos for small businesses. Our unique video productions and rock-bottom video production pricing are revolutionizing the way small businesses run their online public relations campaigns. With video production costs starting at just $99, and a full staff of professional actors, videographers, scriptwriters and marketing specialists at your disposal, you can’t afford NOT to make PR Video the centerpiece of your public relations campaign! Ready to bring your press releases to life? Click the big red “Order now” button to start creating your won custom promotional videos with PR Video.   < Back to Articles