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< Back to Articles If you are not a native speaker of English and want to make a video of a product that you are selling or any other text, you can use us at PR Video. We, at PR Video, have a number of English speaking actors who can turn your text into a video. There are many reasons why you would want to use native speakers of English for your video. Whatever your reasons, we have native speakers of English at PR Video to produce your video from the text that you submit. Actually, if you are planning to sell your video to native speakers of English, you might want to use native speakers of English for the following reasons: to increase sales, to avoid mistakes caused by pronunciation, to be intelligible to native speakers of English to whom you want to sell. Our English speaking actors will produce your video using your text. With us your own native accent will not pose an obstacle to your sales or cause anyone listening to your video to be confused by your accent and possible mis pronunciations of words. Like all languages, English has many words that can mean different things according to how they are pronounced. The pronunciation of these words depends on how they are used in context. Usually, only a native English speaker will know which meaning is required for that word depending on how it is used in the sentence. Our service will be a major part of the success of your text used to make your video since your consumers will hear your text being spoken by our English speaking actors. Our service not only has native speakers of English but trained actors who will add, yet, another dimension to the production of your video using your own text. AT PR Video our customers send us their text and have one of our English speaking actors produce a video from their text. The advantage is obviously beneficial to all writers of text who would like to make videos that will be bought by English speaking customers who might not buy it or even listen to it if the speaker was, clearly, not a native speaker of the English language. < Back to Articles