Flash Video Production Can Be Affordable

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< Back to Articles Web marketing experts overwhelmingly agree that video is becoming an essential part Web marketing experts overwhelmingly agree that video is becoming an essential part of a website's curb appeal. Flash video has power to engage consumers and to persuade browsers to become buyers. Some would say that professional Flash video production makes the attraction all the stronger. Consider the projections of 200 Internet marketers who were recently polled about video as a marketing strategy. Fully 90 percent said that video is a useful marketing tool on the web. Flash video is the perfect way to employ this medium. Interactive and animated websites can do a lot to help brand a company. A company can choose to make its own videos and upload them in a Flash format, or it can choose to rely on expert Flash video production for absolutely professional results. If brand reputation is important (it is always important) the choice is clear. But how affordable is it? Make It Yourself or Call on the Pros? Flash video production is more than holding up a camera and letting the CEO hem-and-haw his or her way through a disjointed script. It takes expertise and equipment that few businesses can afford. A video that is flat and lifeless can brand a company as having similar attributes. A Flash video that is lively with a put-together feel has the impact and super branding power to get more sales and repeat business. But that kind of Flash video production can cost thousands, right? Not always. There are some affordable alternatives available, with automated tools and people who know how to streamline the video-making process to let the customer control the costs. Professional Flash Video Production PR Video is an online service that allows customers to upload images and text, pick a video background, pick an actor or actress to host the video, and even choose the clothing the host wears. The PR Video team films the video, assembles the text and images, and within two weeks has it all put together for the client's approval. This is how PR Video can create a professional program that is suitable for any web use including Flash video production.Choices for Great Looking Videos The PR Video website has a gallery of choices to create unique, one-of-a-kind video productions. It offers three levels of service. A Basic, professionally crafted video is just $99. The Standard level includes a custom background, choice of actor, and a custom image for $199. The Rich Media Video is $249. It has all the attributes of Standard but also includes three static images and the ability to add additional embedded videos. All levels can be upgraded with add-ons of script editing and review and/or search engine marketing (SEO) for fees of only $40 for each service. Customers can have as much involvement with the creative process as they like. The final product is ready for Flash video production and PR Video will even upload it to YouTube to get a start on SEO. It's a great choice for professional looking videos at an affordable price. < Back to Articles