Harassment Training Video Creation

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< Back to Articles Harassment training video creation is a difficult task. Many companies are beginning to create their own field or workplace-specific videos. Since every workplace has different surroundings and possible situations - or unique ones - it is more relevant to have this done. Purchasing a ready-made training video that is generalized may not be as effective. Studies have shown that employees are better able to link an idea or instructions to the company they work for when the company's name and detail-specific instructions are included. Harassment videos that are mass-made and sold are usually equal in quality to their price. Most videos are fairly cheap and made quickly, making them poor quality. Some companies still sell the same videos they sold in the 1990s, which show actors with outdated clothing, hairstyles and work or office equipment. Although the message may still be relevant to today, employees may unintentionally wave it out of their mind. This is because they may subconsciously link the outdated actors, styles and backgrounds to the idea that the message is outdated. If they pass the message out of mind quickly because of this, they are much more prone to either harass another employee or not report harassment made to them. Sometimes employees have a difficult time distinguishing harassment from other forms of treatment. Older videos do not make this as clear with their hastily-made and blatantly-obvious examples. PR Video provides companies with the most cost-effective and quick solution for their video needs, creating any type of video, from harassment videos to instructional manuals and advertisements. Unlike many companies, PR Video has their own unique personalization system. Customers submit their own script or key ideas, which will be used as directed during the video. Then, PR Video takes on the most difficult tasks - video creation and production. The customer selects an actor from an extensive database list, then chooses the actor's clothing and mood. A background is also chosen, then PR Video brings life to their ideas. This simple method saves the cost of buying or renting expensive recording equipment and hours of practicing a script. Today, harassment video creation should involve several key ideas. First, the video should be made relevant to the company. For example, instead of saying Harassment is never acceptable in the workplace < Back to Articles