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< Back to Articles In our overly visually driven society, people tend to forget one of the most important aspects of being an actor -- an entrepreneurial spirit. Acting is foremost a love of labor, with the best talents many times going unnoticed. Many actors inevitably face periods of unemployment and rejection, especially when first starting out. However, with the new resources available on the Internet, actors with a truly entrepreneurial spirit have more opportunities than ever to do what they love. One such opportunity comes from PRVideo. PRVideo is a web site where business owners come to have their ideas professionally produced by our professional audio visual team in a professional environment. These business owners have complete freedom over the production of their business ideas, up to and including choosing the actors that they want to represent their business. Why can't that actor be you? Forget waiting forever on that callback or hoping that your agent places you as a priority -- with PRVideo you can upload your video resume online and proactively take charge of your acting career. Let the paying customers see you on your terms, on your schedule, and in your element. Get paid to build your resume, and supplement those slower times with income from the business world. Our current slate of actors run the gamut in age, look, height, weight, and experience. One thing is certain about our most successful actors, however: They all have a passion for their work and will do their best for the clients who choose them. If you have a similar work ethic and can produce a quality demonstration video, PRVideo would like your submission. Also, since PRVideo specializes in producing advertising videos for Youtube, any successful ad in which you appear gives you instant visibility to the general public in a professional setting. You will easily be able to show the decision makers in the business that you have what it takes to not only do the job, but drive sales as well. The views counter at the bottom of every Youtube video can serve as a quantitative measure of your popularity, and repeat business from clients who are enjoying higher sales conversion because of your professional representation can serve as top notch references of your ability to make someone some serious money. Don't kid yourself; that's what is really important, and now you have the opportunity to prove yourself with hard numbers as a valuable commodity without waiting on the opinion of some higher up. Simply create an account and upload a demonstration video to get started, and PRVideo will get back to you within a week to let you know the results of your submission. If you have what it takes to be a PRVideo spokesperson, the opportunities for your acting career are endless. You will be helping businessmen with the same passion for their art as you have for yours -- and with an entrepreneurial spirit, PRVideo could mean great things for you and your career. < Back to Articles