How To Connect With American Audiences

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< Back to Articles American audiences have very short attention spans. To catch the attention of an American audience, and keep it, be sincere, energetic, and informal. Be open with personality, let people see inside you. Americans are always interested in learning about sides of life and people that are unlike themselves, different from their own lives. But we are very sensitized to commercials. If something comes across as a commercial presentation, it is much less interesting than a sincere presentation of a personal experience. Americans are conditioned to absorb large amounts of information very quickly. To hold the attention of an American, a presentation should move ever forward quickly. Use the fewest words possible to communicate. This means choosing the best words very carefully. Deliver a message succinctly, and move forward to the next step. Avoid dwelling on a single point or reiterating. You can be sure that an American heard and understood the first time. If repetition seems necessary, reserve it for a closing portion. There is a certain balance that is optimal in communicating to reach United States Market. Americans take notice of very small details always. Body language will be noted. Facial expression in comparison to the subject at hand must be relevant, yet subtle. Hairstyle is important. It should be moderately neat, fresh, and up- to date. Manner of attire will be noted. Dress must be appropriate for the topic and it must be in keeping will all other qualities presented. Tone of voice is as important as choice of words. The tone of your words help to illustrate the words themselves. There are certain contexts and speech patterns that Americans are most familiar with. Simply match the tone to the meaning of the message and it will be clearly and easily interpreted. All of these qualities should complement the others. Qualities must be evenly balanced in a presentation to this market. Be energetic, rather than over- exuberant. Be informal, yet sophisticated. Above all, project genuine sincerity. The United States market is highly tuned to socialization. There is an overall feeling, or 'vibe' that people will be aware of. This 'vibe' must be congruous and remain constant. It can be good to 'surprise' your audience at times, for instance, when changing a topic. This helps to keep attention. However, this 'surprise' should lie mostly within the content of the message itself. The delivery should remain subtle always. < Back to Articles