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< Back to Articles The Landscape If you have a business, then you know the importance of a professional online advertising campaign to separate your product or service from the ever growing number of businesses online. However, as the number of advertisements and businesses online grows, the attention of the customer is becoming harder and harder to catch. Online advertisements more resemble television shows than the semi professional productions of five years ago. Some major corporations have even gone so far as to create online television shows to promote their products. The Question With every new ad raising the bar ever higher, what is a small or medium sized business to do to stay on the cutting edge of professionalism in the face of rising production costs and an increasingly cluttered advertising landscape? The Answer PRVideo ( provides an efficient solution to the business on a budget without the equipment, resources, or manpower to put together a professional online advertisement on its own. PRVideo is your outsourced production company, complete with actors, equipment, and a set that will bring your advertisement ideas to life. Simply go on the web site, choose your preferred actors, tell them what image you are going for, give them the script, and watch as your business is brought to the masses by professional spokespeople who are trained to sell and look good doing it. Youtube and Your Business As the premier video social media site, Youtube is well known for increasing the conversion rates of businesses that advertise on the platform correctly. A properly produced and well acted ad on Youtube can mean thousands of customers to a business, as many more people visit Youtube on a daily basis than would ever visit an individual web site of an unknown business. If an ad has good looking people, a professional look shot on a high quality camera, and is entertaining, the opportunity for conversion goes up even more. Youtube is known to give its most entertaining videos free publicity and prime space on its site, which can blow a business up overnight. PRVideo specializes in making advertising videos for Youtube, and is well versed on what it takes to make a top watched video. With a polished, entertaining, visually arresting video, fans of a business now have an easy way to Tweet, like, and Digg a business into sales conversion rates beyond anything that a business could ever do itself. Ads that become viral on the internet do not go away like ads on television or in a newspaper, after the monthly budget is gone. They stay online and continue to generate free press and sales, with the previous popularity serving as a testament to future customers of the longevity and legitimacy of that business. Your First Step Visit and get your script ready. Choose the actors you want to bring your business to life and get the production process started with the professionals at PRVideo, and get ready to show the best of your business to the world. < Back to Articles