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< Back to Articles When it comes to hard hitting video production that packs a punch, PR Video has what it takes. We are a video production studio that connect actors and videographers to advertisers like you. If you are itching to advertise a new product or service to the world with a winning presentation, we can assist. Our team of actors and videographers are here to create a winning video that will sell you! PR Video Production takes on projects both small and large. We begin the process by listening to our clients goals and expectations for each video. We want to make sure we aim at your target audience with everything from the video's script, imagery and of course our team of talented actors. It's that easy. Once we have a solid script and project in place, our team will go to work on your video. You choose the actor that fits the vision you have for your product or service, and we will do the rest. Our editors will add the appropiate text and special effects needed to make your product shine. We bring together the right voiceover talent, live action and multimedia elements needed to sell your business or simply to make a marketing statement. Most businesses have a variety of different reasons that they choose to use videos. They have a marketing message that they would like to convey in a unique fashion. Youtube has proven that people engage a lot more with video presentation than any other medium online. Businesses have seen sales convert faster when video is incorporated in their presentation. Why use video? Why not? Video marketing is the new trend that has become a very effective way of selling a product or service. There are dozens of ways to use video to sell your message online. It can be incorporated in your facebook or twitter online marketing campaign, posted on specialized blogs that fit your niche market or even included in hyperlinks within various articles online. At the end of the day we want the video we create for you to translate into business. Our one stop shop video production method makes it easy for you to brainstorm and bring your marketing video to life, without having to resort to other sources to complete your project. All of this is available at an affordable rate, so that you can concentrate on bringing in a return for your business. Shall we say more? < Back to Articles