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< Back to Articles With the popularity of social media and online videos, creating a short video for your business can be a powerful marketing tool. Online videos are used for nearly anything from advertising, music, tutorials, or even just humor. Making a good video means having the right equipment, and that equipment is expensive. With PR Video, you select the content and actor, and they do all of the video creation. Using PR Video makes making a marketing video easy. There's no need for expensive video camera, backdrops, and actors. PR Video provides all of that. Just provide text, photos, and any video clips that you may have, and select an actor. PR Video produces a professional video in about two weeks. When you order a video from PR Video, you can be as involved in the video creation as you wish to be. You can help with the storyboard and select all of the backdrops. Or, you can submit your criteria and let PR Video make you a professional video with your concept. PR Video has optional search engine optimization for videos as well. This adds specific text to the video title and description that will get you ranked higher in search engines. In fact, they guarantee at least 1,000 hits on YouTube in the first month with the SEO upgrade. YouTube videos are also found in Google results, so optimizing your video can mean more search engine traffic which is free traffic for your website. Marketing videos are shared on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Each user has the option of sharing the video with their friends and followers. Then, their friends and followers share the video. One single video can reach thousands or even millions of people this way. This is called viral marketing and it's a very cost effective way to market your product. One single video can be shared and shared until it has been viewed by millions of people. Not many marketing efforts, except expensive television and magazine ads, have that potential. For the price of a video creation, the potential to reach that many people is a wise investment. PR Video has three different levels of video creation packages. You can the choose from optional upgrades such as Search Engine Marketing and script editing and review. The basic package will get you a professional video using a PR Video actor and backdrops. The Standard Video will allow you to choose your background for the video creation and you can pick your actor. The highest level, the Rich Media Video gives you the most control over the video. You can pick your background and actor, add a custom image, choose three static images to include, and embed videos. Having a professional video made can mean the difference between your video being seen by only a handful of viewers or going viral and reaching millions of people. The cost of having PR Video make your video is nominal compared to the impact a video can have for your marketing. Letting PR Video handle your video creation means you get a professional video with as little or as much participation as you want. < Back to Articles