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< Back to Articles Are you a small business owner working to brand your company and get noticed by consumers? Do you want to create professional-looking advertising and marketing videos but don’t have the resources to do so? specializes in marketing your company for you! You get to be the director, while we do all the lighting, sound, and camera work. You choose the content of the video and pick an actor from our team of experienced, professional actors. You can even hire us to edit you scripts, and you can easily see your concept come to life with the help of If you include editorial help as part of your purchase, you will see the basic text you upload for your video turned into a polished, professional script, which we will then turn into a storyboard for you to approve. When the storyboard is approved, you pick an actor to be the spokesperson for your company; we then produce the video and conveniently upload it to a secure site for you to download. If you choose to optimize, we will optimize your title and description for YouTube which comes with a guarantee of 1,000 hits in the first month. Your video will get noticed! Traffic to your company’s website will increase! If you’re looking for an inexpensive, convenient way to create advertising and marketing tools for your company, has all the tools and resources you need. With professional lighting, sound and video equipment and an experienced staff, will produce a high-quality, efficient marketing tool for your company. We provide the unique ability to fully customize your PR video, from the script you want to the model you choose all the way down to the smallest details like the clothes the model wears and the overall mood of the video, you’re in full control of the creative marketing arm of your company when you contract Our actors are all professional, experienced actors who are taught to maximize the product they are trying to sell to a wide audience of consumers. They are all eager, bright spokespeople with a natural knack for marketing a product and a personable nature that viewers can relate to. We look for serious actors who are passionate about marketing a wide range of useful products and services when we search for new talent. We welcome all submissions and all skill levels from new talent. If you think you have what it takes to be the face of a product and a skilled salesperson for our clients, send us a submission video and we’ll review it within one week. Our actors are the face of our videos and they make our personalized service the best you can find! < Back to Articles