Pro Video Production Is A Must

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< Back to Articles Video marketing is fast becoming the wave of the future. Consumers are watching more web videos than ever to research products and businesses and to engage in social media. This makes pro video production a must. There is no doubt that promotional videos can connect a business with consumers like no other medium. According to a recent poll of 200 professional web marketers, the overwhelming majority (90 percent) said that video is useful in online marketing. With all that momentum the course is clear, professionally produced videos will always win the day. The Elements of Pro Video Production It takes a lot to produce a video that consumers will enjoy watching while the business gets its message across. A web video should be recorded with professional video equipment. It should be hosted by a professional actor or actress with the power to engage and persuade viewers to hear the message being conveyed. A pro video production should be a robust production with rich use of media such as music, titles and pictures. But most web marketers don't have those kind of resources on hand and very few can afford to produce professional looking video on their own. A New Approach to Pro Video Production There is an entirely new and affordable way to create professional looking web video called PR Video. The company's mission is to provide a straightforward, uncomplicated way for anyone to produce professional online videos. PR Video's website makes it possible to create impressive and unique videos for public relations, press releases, emails or other media, and the results are outstanding. Leave Video Production to the Pros Professional video production has never been easier. PR Video's automated system lets Internet marketers upload photos, text, logos, video clips and other branded materials to be used in the video. Clients have the option to choose an experienced actor or actress from a pool of online talent to be the host, which adds a unique touch to each pro video production. The PR Video team compiles the information into a working script and takes it from there. Two weeks later the video is ready for the client's approval and all set to go live across the Internet. View Pro Videos and Choose Your Style The process of ordering pro video productions is automated but there is a lot of room for customization. Clients can view previously produced videos onsite to see options in backgrounds, talent and more. The options allow each client's style and tone to be unique to their pro video production. Clients are always welcome to have as much involvement as desired. Affordable There are three levels of affordable pro video production with several options to upgrade. The basic level is less than a hundred dollars ($99) and the highest level is a mere $249. The sign-up process even offers options for assistance with scriptwriting and search engine marketing. Lastly, PR Video will upload the video to YouTube and guarantee 1,000 hits the first month. < Back to Articles