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< Back to Articles Top brands in the world pay celebrities millions in fees to promote their products. Due to the popularity of online marketing and websites such as You Tube, many companies are now turning to the video medium in their product promotion campaigns. Affordable Product Video Campaign with Despite popular belief, attracting a substantially large number of viewers to one’s video does not require a huge production budget. With the right mixture of creative script, good acting and professional sound and visual effects, one’s product video campaign can become one of the most watched videos in the market. At, customers have full say in the production and direction of their videos, ranging from concept stage to the final product. Customers can select a talent or actor of their choice and provide ideas, information, product images and concept for the video. Based on the input, the production crew at will promptly deliver a professionally produced video with full copyright privileges solely belonging to the customer. Launch a Successful Acting Career in Product Videos Fresh faces to the media world often find it hard to compete and stand out. There is a large number of talents in the industry and thousands of them vying for the glitz and glamour statuses of celebrities. While waiting for their ‘big break’, young actors should continue honing their acting abilities by gaining more front-camera experiences. One platform on which young budding actors can leap to fame and stardom is appearing in product videos. Top five reasons why being associated with a product can be beneficial to one’s acting career. Great Mileage Companies that launch product video campaigns want their videos to be viewed as frequently as possible as it helps to sell their products. They also strive to post their videos in as many outlets as possible in order to capture a larger audience. For example, product videos may be posted on the company’s website, office showroom and even presented to potential customers during sales presentations. Therefore actors that are selected for product videos can gain great mileage in publicity through the wide distribution of these videos. Product Association Many companies want to ‘personalize’ their products by using spokesperson or actors for their video campaigns. Product categories such as cosmetics, Do-It-Yourself tools, household products, office equipments and others are healthy images to be associated with for a young, budding actor or actress. One can also reap the benefits of popularity when the product becomes a bestseller and the demand for it increases over time. Valuable Portfolio Actors who have successfully appeared in product videos may build their portfolio of past works to present to potential directors or producers during auditions or interviews. These videos are proof of one’s acting abilities and talent in handling different scripts and scenarios, thus increasing one’s chance of landing a lucrative acting career. Future Opportunities and Recommendations Companies who like the work of a particular actor may also engage him or her for future projects or other product campaigns. They may also be recommended to sister companies or business partners that provide future acting engagements in corporate videos, product videos or event videos. Income Generator Acting in product videos is one of the best income-generator for actors who are serious about their acting career. The job enables actors to get paid doing what they love best, which is acting. It is also great as a part-time assignment for homemakers, students and those who are in-between jobs, enabling them to practice their creative acting talents while earning an income at the same time. < Back to Articles