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< Back to Articles Anyone who owns a business, provides a service or sells a product online knows how valuable it is to have a professional produced video posted on the Internet. American video production is not only a pastime for hobbyists, it is the way how businesses and people communicate with consumers. Everyone watches videos on the Internet. Videos encourage people to purchase products and pay for services. Businesses who are not using videos to market their business or service are probably not getting the exposure they need and generating the results they desire. You Tube is one of the many websites where people and businesses can post their videos for the rest of the world to see. You Tube is just one of many social networking websites that has made American video production a top priority for businesses and people. Businesses now realize that You Tube videos is a great way to generate traffic to any website. Not all businesses will realize great results. Those that have posted videos that are poor in quality may be missing out. High-quality videos can produce tremendous results for businesses online. People and businesses who do not have a professionally produced video online may not have yet produced a video because they don’t have the know-how. Others may not have produced a video because they don’t have a spokesperson or actor they can hire to appear in the video for them. Up until recently, many businesses chose not to post a video online because they lacked the know-how or didn’t have someone to star in the video. Now, PRVideo makes it possible for millions of business owners and people who provide services and products to produce and post a high-quality videos anywhere on the Internet, including You Tube, Facebook and other social networking websites. PRVideo helps businesses and individuals produce high-quality videos. PRVideo offers a whole range of services designed to help businesses optimize the results in search engines and attain the results they desire. PRVideo even provides actors who will star in their video. What is great about PRVideo is the service is completely affordable and easy to use. PRVideo offers three pricing plans to choose from. The plans range in price from $99.00 - $249.00. Anyone who is interested in having a professional video produced for them can get started in what are three easy steps. First, people purchase a video request. Second, they upload text, photos, video clips and pick and actor. Third, their professional produced video arrives. Expected turnaround for each video is approximately two weeks. PRVideo offers an expedited service for people who are in a rush and want their videos produced faster. In addition to its production services, PRVideo offers a wide-variety of add on services, including search engine marketing and script editing as well. Each of its three video packages is specifically tailored to meet the specific needs of business owners. The Basic Package offers minimal services, the Standard Video offers a little more and the Rich Media Video Package includes the most services. Both the Standard Video Package and the Rich Media Video Package include the cost of the actors. The Rich Media Video Package is the best choice as it allows business owners to add three static images and embed other videos. Business owners who enlist the services of PRVideo will be headed in the right direction. PRVideo not only assists with the production of high-quality videos, it helps business owners and people get the exposure they need to drive tons of traffic to their website. PRVideo can help businesses market their business and reach their true potential within a very short timeframe. < Back to Articles