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< Back to Articles Has anyone ever told you that you have the perfect voice for advertising or radio work? Or perhaps you have experience in acting for theater or film, or prefer to stay behind the camera and take on the role of director or videographer? If you have experienced any of the above, then is the perfect place to showcase your talent. At, clients are able to create customized orders for promotional videos and bring their desired words to life! A client simply writes a script, submits it to, and then is able to handpick an actor to bring their video creations to life! The client is able to choose what sort of costume, tone, and style the actor will need, and for less than $100, a live actor will give life to your desired video creations! Whether you're a client in need of a voice to sell your product, a videographer who loves creating the videos that you need, or an actor who has a special gift when it comes to bringing something to life and becoming animated no matter what the subject is, then you'll find a place at even offers those seeking a video the option to have their script edited, along with services that will help your video be placed in the exact places that you need. If you need your video creation for SEO purposes, then can help you with that as well. From placement to being placed on a larger screen, PRVideo provides options that will help you complete the video creation that you have in mind. If you're an actor, can be a great place to showcase your work, whether you're an experienced actor or are just looking to gain a little more experience. services such a wide range of customers that a very wide range of actors are needed to fill a variety of roles, from newscasters, to spoke persons, to short character creations! The customer provides the script and specifies what costumes or props are needed, so if you have a talent for bring words on a page to life then this is the place to be. No matter what your age, look, voice or experience is, can give you the opportunity to help make other people's visions a reality! To get started, simply visit and visit How It Works. Most videos are around 2 minutes or less in length and cost under $100. Never has publicity been cheaper or been right at a customer's fingertips! After you've read a little more about the site, simply sign up and before you know it, you can be placing an order for a promotional video, receiving assistance from one of our experienced editors and writers, or getting a gig as an actor in one of our optimized video creations! Visit the website today to find out what your role can be with! < Back to Articles