Top 10 Reasons To Do Video Production Work For PR Video

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< Back to Articles Are you looking for video production work? PR Video offers video production jobs for freelancers who want to earn extra income while building their portfolio. Here’s a list of the top ten reasons you should apply to do video production work for PR Video. 10. You won’t have to sit through a sixth grade band concert, recording the sweet sounds of beginner clarinetists for posterity. Not unless it’s your kid, at least. 9. You’ll make money while building a portfolio of professional video production clips. 8. You’ll be doing video production work for businesses you’ll be proud to list on your resume.   7. None of our videographers have EVER gotten hit in the face by a football, or had $12,000 worth of gear knocked over by rowdy high schoolers. Not while they were on the job for us, at least. 6. You can increase your income by building your own network of actors for our clients to choose from. 5. You’ll make invaluable contacts for future video production jobs and opportunities. Sometimes, what you know is less important than who you know, or who knows what you know. You know? 4. You get to set your own schedule, working around your day job, personal projects, and other activities. 3. Did we mention the thing about twelve-year-old clarinetists? 2. And drunk high school football players? 1. And about how PR Video pays you to make professional video production clips that will help you take your career to the next level? We did? Well, we’ll say it again. PR Video pays you for video production work that could open up doors to more video production jobs in the future. Ready to get started? Create an account, upload a demo video, and one of our associates will contact you within a week. < Back to Articles