Top 10 Reasons To Make A Custom Video With PR Video

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< Back to Articles 10. Conversion rates skyrocket when you add video to your marketing campaign. It’s just more compelling than text, and does a better job of selling your product, especially when you’re using a professionally-written YouTube script. 9. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, behind only Google. Your prospective clients are there. Are you? 8. Custom videos are 50 times more likely to come up on the front page of Google than regular, text-based web pages, according to Forrester Research. So if you make a video based on your keywords, prospective clients are about 50 times more likely to find you. 7. PR Video is committed to creating opportunities for actors and video producers, and paying them fairly for their time.  It’s a revolutionary concept, we know. But it’s a good one. 6. We’re also committed to giving small and mid-sized businesses a leg-up, by providing access to services they might struggle to afford otherwise. It’s PR power to the people!!! Almost anyone can afford to make a custom video with PR Video. 5. Recent studies have shown that ads in YouTube videos are just as effective as television advertisements. And according to Harris Interactive, people are more likely to remember custom videos that they watched online than ads they saw on TV. 4. PR Video allows you to purchase the services of professional writers and editors who can polish your YouTube script to a shine. Don’t think having a professionally-written YouTube script is important? Go watch a few hours of local paid-access programming, and see if you change your mind. 3. PR Video offers a custom SEO package to increase YouTube views, and even guarantees 1,000 pageviews in the first month, to boost your rank in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and of course YouTube. 2. Anyone can slap up a decent-looking website, but using custom video on your site adds an element of professionalism that sets you apart from your competitors. 1. Making a custom video with PR Video will help you market your product and make more money. Period. Ready to get started? Click on the big red “Order Now” button to begin making your own custom video with PR Video.   < Back to Articles