Trade Show Video Production

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< Back to Articles Marketing techniques have changed over the years. Gone are the days when reading some boring text or passing out literature was sufficient to get and hold the attention of potential customers. To compete effectively these days, a company’s presentation has to be exceptional, unique, and outstanding to catch the potential customer’s attention. To do this, new and innovative ways of presenting information have to be utilized. One way of doing this is using a trade show video production to highlight a company’s profile and products. Trade show displays have to compete against an over-stimulated, vibrant atmosphere. It is necessary to come up with trade show marketing resources that visually convey the products and ideas of a company with high-impact and energy. Live trade show video production is the best way to attract crowds and endorse products and services. To further enhance the visibility of a booth, environmental motion graphics can be used to accent a booth. A video can also be used as a self-playing station in a booth to inform, educate, or promote a product or service. A trade show video production can also be used in combination with a live video presenter. The combination makes use of an experienced presenter with a large screen presentation that is timed so the live presenter can deliver the final compelling message. While this type of presentation would require more space to accommodate the large screen, the presenter, and the crowd, it can prove to be a very powerful combination. Additionally, a trade show video production can be customized and programmed to enable visitors to interact actively on a laptop. This will allow the potential customers to access a company’s services and products in as great detail or as superficially as they desire, while all relevant information is presented in a colorful engaging way. Some other benefits of using trade show video production are that it is cost effective and very portable. Once the investment has been made in producing the video, it belongs to the company and they can use it as many times as they like. Also, it is easy to transport the video to different trade shows all over the country without any problems. To make the trade show video production a success, it is essential to make the booth and displays in the booth as exciting and inviting as possible. This attracts more people to the booth because their interest is piqued. At the same time, it is important not to make the video unnecessarily long or the crowd will lose interest and walk away before the final pitch. If, on the other hand the video is too short, the message might not be conveyed properly. Roughly five minutes is a good length size for a video. A professionally prepared video with smooth, clear dialogue and good delivery is essential to the success of the video. Trying to save money and unprofessionally producing a video in-house may make the customers run away instead of being more inquisitive. A well made video is the first step to success. < Back to Articles