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< Back to Articles A promotional video is an indispensable tool for promoting business because it is a visually impacting medium which brings to life the products and services of a business. As visual memory is the longest lasting, promotional videos are becoming very popular among corporates to advance and promote their products. Shooting a promotional video requires planning. The initial planning will go a long way in the actual shooting of the video and finally in the success of the video. By planning each stage of the video in detail, you can save time and money. Making sure that you have all equipment that you may need in the duration of the shoot is very important, especially if you shooting on location far away from your office. The post-production part of the promotional video is also extremely important. A professional editor will make the video come alive, creating an impact at the right time by mixing, merging and timing the frames for maximum effect. Voice overs and music are also added for a good flow of the video. The video should be very much to the point, giving your message in a pertinent and relevant manner. Sharing and distributing the video is the next important step. After all, this is main goal of the promotional video â€" that of being seen by as many people as possible so that the product or service of the video is gets a good awareness among potential customers. An effective promotional video can be produced only when the video producer has familiarized itself with its client’s organization, products and services. The video producer must also be aware of the target potential customer and their nature. The most important feature of a good promotional video is that it will create a deep impression on those who watch it with regard to whatever the product or service that is to be exposed to the targeted audience. Therefore, a good promotional video should be simple and easy to understand. < Back to Articles