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< Back to Articles Training video script production is something that every company with employees must consider at some point. Creating training videos that are customized to the specific field of work - or the company's rules and procedures - is essential for employee orientation. Studies have shown that employees learn better when the script is not on paper; they find the material more interesting, relevant and retain the information better when it is in video format. To put this idea into perspective, consider reading a book or watching a movie. When the story is something important that must be remembered, over 80% of people will choose the video instead of the book. Reading is time-consuming, especially for some people. From a business perspective, it is much more cost-effective to use a video instead of a book. Most people are unable to read as fast as someone can speak. When this factor is coupled with lack of interest in plain words on paper, the training seems to be ineffective. Since it is crucial that employees remember every bit of information, creating an interesting video seems to be the only logical solution. The main hindrance for most companies who want to produce their own training videos is the lack of resources and talent. Anyone can create a video by standing in front of a camera and reading a script, but the finished product will not be interesting. There are several essential things a video creator must do to ensure the video will gain the intended audience's attention. The most important thing is that it must be professional, since unprofessional videos will only result in the audience dwelling on how poorly the video is made. With so many people watching television on a regular basis - and using professionally-created shows as their standard of judgment - employers should consider hiring someone to make the video. Lack of resources is another issue. Renting the equipment to make a video is expensive and if it is damaged, it could cost a small fortune. Buying equipment is also costly; using a digital camera's record feature will not result in a professional-quality video. It is difficult to find a good training video script production company. Some companies will not produce a video that is what the customer ordered. Some of the most common complaints are the actor's mood is too happy or too dull, their clothing is inappropriate or dull or the background is not conducive to the message being displayed. PR Video has taken all of these concerns to mind. They offer clients an extensive list of actors, who will bring life to their ideas, to choose from. The customer then selects the desired choice of clothing for the actor and specifies what type of mood they want portrayed. After that, the customer also chooses the background they desire. With a few simple steps, time, money and unnecessary hassles are eliminated. PR Video has a record of successful sales and satisfied customers. Their service is always timely and reliable. < Back to Articles