Using YouTube Video Advertising To Bolster Your Portfolio

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< Back to Articles YouTube video advertising is one of the fastest, most effective ways to garner online attention. The advantages of this medium extend beyond simply helping business owners gain first page rankings for their companies. Actors and videographers too, are able to gain rapid attention from a vast audience. For numerous individuals who have worked hard with little success, to garner a significant level of recognition for their work or faces through various mediums such as television or print ads, YouTube has proven to be a worthwhile stomping ground. This is a phenomenal platform for acquiring the level of interest that is needed in order to jump start a career. It is also a forum that lauds freedom of expression and various artistic means of relaying messages. Thus, artists of all types have a much wider birth to create according to their own artistic standards. What many people fail to realize when considering the advantages of using YouTube as a way to bolster their portfolios, is that in many ways YouTube is not only more accessible to new artists than television or print advertising, it is also more accessible to viewers. The content that is uploaded here is available for viewing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Thus, the individual who posts work online, or is part of an online advertising endeavor, acquires continual exposure to the public. These feeds can be viewed using laptops, PCs, tablets, cell phones and numerous other gadgets. The audience that the professional is seeking is no longer contained to the late night television viewer or magazine subscriber. < Back to Articles