The Video Actor Needed By Marketing Company

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< Back to Articles We are a video marketing company looking for actors and actresses to market our product for our new program. You will need to send in a video cut of yourself in action for our marketing department to look over. Then we have a certain amount of paperwork to make sure you're qualified to do the acting for our marketing team. The work is not hard; you just need to be able to sell our products. Any sales related work is an asset to working for our video acting group. We strive for the best we can find, so make sure you are dressed in a way that will sell yourself to us. If you can’t sell to us then you will not be able to sell to the general public. We have a new marketing program and using video to get the word out is by far the best in video marketing. The person or persons we choose must have an aggressive selling feature about them and be clean cut and dressed accordingly, due to the nature of our business. This is a great job for any actor who needs to break out into the video marketing world. The pay and benefits if any will be discussed after the review of your video by our marketing agents. The video ads will market to our existing and new customers, and this is a fantastic way for you to be seen by the industry for your own benefit and to have this as a testimonial for future video promotion works that you may be interested in the future. Just fill out the form and send in your file or film to the provided information form located for the video marketing program with our company. < Back to Articles