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< Back to Articles Prior to the advent of the internet and today’s advanced video film production software, producing an advertisement was an expensive affair. The cost of making the advert and the airtime needed to make it successful was prohibitive. Only those with the resources could avail of such for their products. This is no longer so today. Advertising one’s business through videos has become cost effective even for small businesses. Companies offering video film production services are beginning to appear online. These outfits are composed of professionals who know how to make a desired video advertisement work. The person commissioning the video would by default be acting as the director. This way, what owners envision as the way the product should be advertised become the guidelines for the actors and other video production. Airtime is also no longer a problem as these videos can be posted on blogs and websites on the internet for free or at a very affordable price. As long as the site itself has been search engine optimized, it will attract enough internet surfers so as to make the investment pay off in the long run. Another option is social media marketing on sites like Facebook where video can also be posted and those who “like” them actually provide free advertising on their web pages. Actors also will benefit from this arrangement. Acting jobs are difficult to come by and the competition is stiff for these jobs. Using the internet as a conduit to bring together people who need videos produced and actors looking for paid work promises to make the acting profession lucrative even for those struggling actors out there. This type of business is still in its infancy so enterprising actors who would like to establish for themselves a name in this industry have a very good chance of doing so. These video film productions can also be used as springboards for actors. Developing a portfolio where one demonstrates the extent of one’s acting ability is expensive and most times it does not generate the desired return on investment. Doing this type of freelance work on the internet is free advertising. Imagine being paid to create a portfolio and then having it advertised for free. This might even lead to an actor’s discovery by giant film outfits like Columbia Pictures, Fox, Walt Disney, and other such groups. The modern era’s preoccupation with visual stimulus, such as the television and video clips on the internet, has led to this development of affordable video advertising for businessmen and potentially unlimited acting opportunities for professional actors. It definitely will pay well for both the businessmen who commission these videos and the actors who bring to life what the customer envisions. < Back to Articles