Video Media Productions And Web Marketing

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< Back to Articles A lot of webmasters and online marketers are wary of spending any money on video media productions for fear that you can't get a great video produced without spending a small fortune. In truth, it doesn't have to be that pricey at all to get a good video produced. What you're looking for is a production house that can develop a video for you quickly and cheaply. These production studios will usually have templates for you to work from. Rather than redesigning the wheel, so to speak, with every video, they have a number of templates you can choose from, so you need only fill in the blanks to have a quick and affordable video produced with your ideas. If you think this results in hundreds of videos that look exactly alike, this simply isn't the case. By switching backgrounds, costumes, actors, music, text, images and scripts, you can produce an infinite variety of commercials using the same basic structure. If you really break down the way movies, commercials and television shows are produced, it all essentially comes down to plugging different elements into the same slots, so to speak. Where a feature film might switch around setting, actors and dialog to produce a dozen original films from the same structure, a structure for a commercial video can likewise produce hundreds or thousands of different results by simply switching out an actor, a background or a script. For instance, somebody telling you that you can earn a lot of money working from home while on the porch of a beach house means something much different from someone telling you the same while standing in a welfare line. Background alone can account for so much, providing the context of a commercial. Likewise, the same actor can change the tone and meaning of a commercial by delivering their lines in a serious, light hearted, or sarcastic tone. They can change the whole commercial by wearing formal business clothes or casual. By breaking commercials down into formula and structures, these production houses are able to turn over several videos quickly, giving their clients effective, efficient commercials to use in record time. In effect, this allows any web marketer or webmaster to greatly expand their operations, reaching out to prospects on video sharing sites who might never have heard of you otherwise, reaching out to prospects who aren't interested in reading an article or blog advertising your company. The Web 2.0 is all about mixed media. It's not just about SEO anymore. While SEO is still a part of any web marketing campaign, it's no longer king in the world of viral videos, podcasts, streaming web shows and interactive media. If you want to make the most out of your marketing campaigns as we enter this new decade, you have to be savvy of all forms of media that make up the web, not just text based content. < Back to Articles