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< Back to Articles Due to its ability to impart a story through motion and sounds, online video messages are being used increasingly to drive brand awareness and pass information along. It is also a well established fact on the basis of click-through rates, that online videos perform better than the plain JPG images. A video producer can upload impressive campaign videos, carry out interviews to introduce important personnel, create a tour of a company, produce client testimonials, and create instructional videos to highlight a particular specialty. With the advent of new technologies, PowerPoint is just not that powerful anymore. Corporations want to strengthen their progressive approach by presenting information to clients in smarter ways. A video helps to create that “wow” effect, and helps businesses to grow. There are innumerable ways in which a video producer can create a video to showcase the credentials of a corporation, small business, product, or an individual in a creative way and show prospective clients all that is good. A video production helps to create jaw-dropping moments and adds an extra dimension at conferences, product launches, or events. Due to its ability to present information and emotion, a video leaves a lingering image in the mind of the viewer long after the fact. Uploading a video to Youtube, Facebook, or other similar sites and blogs is cost effective, while the exposure it provides for the product or client is tremendous. The internet provides unlimited opportunities to spread brand awareness and draw attention to any event, political or social statement, and just spread the word in general. A video producer can do this by re-formatting available video so it is customized for placement on targeted sites with demographics matching needs. A video clip full of keywords that’s placed in specific sites can get hits for a very long time after being placed. Creating professional videos which deliver the full impact of a product, service, training, or social statement is now very easy. Simply choose a package that suits the individual needs like the Rich Media Video, the Basic Video, or anything in between. The Rich Media Video provides a skillfully created video in which the owner has the option of choosing the background and adding a custom image. This may include the company logo, a product or some other recognizable feature. Next, a suitable actor is selected by the owner along with three static images. Embedded videos can also be added in this package. All these features allow the video producer to come up with a piece that is highly personalized. To make sure that a maximum number of people have access to this video, add the Search Engine Marketing for a nominal price. This will allow the different search engines to pick up your video easily, and have the maximum number of people view it. Finally, by choosing to add script editing and review, it becomes possible for the owner to have their content converted to professional video dialogue. This provides the video a more sophisticated and professional touch, while getting the message across in style. < Back to Articles