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< Back to Articles The video producer is equivalent to the general manager of a film, and often funds the film. The very first step the video producer takes in making a film is obtaining the rights to produce the film. Usually the producer works with the screenwriter to create a screenplay. Video producers work with the cast and crew of a film to ensure the film runs smoothly and is completed on time. A video producer must have a broad range of knowledge of the way a film works and everything that goes on on the set. This includes script writing, set design, lighting, audio, cinematography, and editing -- all things that are important parts of the process of making a film. Video producers usually work closely with the writer and director of the film to make sure that the vision and integrity of the film is preserved throughout the making of the film. The video producer is also responsible for the day-to-day running of the set. This includes making set schedules, ensuring that set supplies, actors, and equipment arrive on time and generally ensuring that the shoot runs smoothly. This includes making sure that all contracts are legal and binding as well as ensuring that the actors fill out the necessary paperwork and fulfill union requirements. The producer is also usually responsible for the financial aspect of the film. He or she is usually in charge of hiring the accountants, fundraising, and hiring actors that will attract audiences. The advertising and distribution of a film is also usually the video producer's job. Troubleshooting also falls within the producers umbrella of responsibility. If a script needs to be changed or if there are troubles during the actual filming, the producers job is to find a way to make everything run smoothly and get the film made. Video producers also oversee the post-production of the film, or the editing. This is done long after the film is finished being shot. The purpose of the video producers oversight in this phase of the film is to ensure that the film is edited in such a way that is in line with the vision for the film. With the producers help, a film is preserved in that vision from the script to the screen. There are several types of video producers. The Executive Producer has a more significant contribution to the project -- usually they are the main funding for the film or get a well-known actor or actress to be in the film. Associate Producers and Co-Producers share the Executive Producer's role or support the Executive Producer. The Line Producer controls the day-to-day on the set of the film and supports the director. Video producers are generally good at communicating with others so they can ensure that the film is made the way it should be. They are also very creative -- they not only take part every aspect of the films formation but they have to have a backup plan for every situation. < Back to Articles