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< Back to Articles The Video production business is all about a video producer making the maximum money with the least amount of effort. Although video production businesses are available in two categories " domestic and corporate, the latter is where big money is made. The reason is simple. The domestic sector videos like wedding videos and other family function videos are small budget affairs. And also, the domestic sector videos are paid for from personal savings accounts. Whereas, the corporate business videos are large scale investments paid to from a set-apart marketing budget. Many people have already the required equipment for setting up a corporate video production business. Those who have already invested $6000 on a video camera and are using it for productions of domestic videos like wedding videos which might not pay more than $1500, should learn to train their sight on the big fish " the corporate video production business. A corporate training video can fetch you anything from $20,000 onwards. The same rule applies to other aspects of the video production business. If you have invested in editing software, the same equipment can be used to switch over to corporate video production business. In the time that you invest to produce a domestic video, you can plan, shoot and finish the editing of a corporate video and get paid five times than that for a wedding video. To get started in the corporate video production business, look for chances where you can cover any community events which are sponsored by big corporates. All you need to do is to find out as much about the event and then call up the sponsoring companies and talk to them about your proposal for producing a short video of the event in exchange for a sponsorship deal which can leverage your logo and expose it on the same levels as other businesses. Free community service can be a great help in jumpstarting your career in the video production business. < Back to Articles