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< Back to Articles Choosing from the actors, scenes, costumes and moods available in our video production directory lets you create the image you need to make sure your video campaign succeeds. You retain control over the idea and information that you wish to convey with your professionally produced video; our actors make sure that they put forth your message clearly and in a way that creates the greatest impact. Our video production directory includes demonstration videos for each of our actors as well as previous videos which were created on PR Video. This enables you to select the right actor for your video, and to look to successful previous video campaigns for inspiration that helps you decide how you want your video presented. By checking our video production directory, you can see how we were able to create videos for product demonstrations, product news, training, press releases and more. Checking the sample videos that are the closest to what you need will give you ideas and get you started as you use our professional services to produce the clear, sharp, outstanding videos that will get noticed among the many videos which are uploaded to social media and video sits. As our actors are screened professionals, their demonstration videos in our video product directory give you an accurate idea of how they present information as well as their appearance and voice characteristics. Therefore, you choose exactly who is best to present your message as you decide how you want that message presented. Our friendly associates are always on hand; if you are not sure how to best use our video production directory just contact us and we will guide you. From the moment you decide to use our services, until the moment the video is finished according to your needs and instructions, we are here for you to make sure your video is produced professionally and meets your expectations. Start now by looking through our video production directory for ideas on what text and background you want to use for your first professionally produced video, as well as to decide which of our professional actors is the one that will make your video a star. Using PR Video means that you do not have to worry about any of the technical details of producing a clear, high-impact video - but it also means that you can be as involved in the production process as you wish to be. PR Video includes its well-organized video production directory to help you make the decisions you need to make in order to have us create a video that serves to get your message to the people who will bring you success. Our videos are the keystone of effective marketing and public relations campaigns that get the word out straight to your customers. < Back to Articles