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< Back to Articles As electronic media becomes more and more prevalent, the outlets available for companies to project their message via video keep expanding. By having a video message delivered by a professional actor, clients can make a positive, tailor-made impression that will increase exposure and have a more memorable impact. While anyone can speak in front of a camera, trained actors have practiced their approach to conveying dialogue for maximum effect. Like any professional speaker, actors have a number of skills that set them apart from the man on the street. By using every ability at their disposal, actors use their bodies and facial expressions to drive a message home and set the tone of what the audience is expected to take home from the delivery. Professional actors leave nothing to chance, ensuring that a message is received as intended without misunderstanding or gaffes. A survey of self-produced videos will demonstrate that stuttering and pauses can distract a viewer from the information being delivered. Some amateurs are accomplished speakers, but very few approach the ability of a trained, professional actor. At PR Video, clients are in control of the final product. The client provides the script, the images and the mood. What PR Video provides is the actor and set to make the client’s vision a reality. The result is a professional video that successfully promotes services, products, websites, or intellectual property in a way that is attractive and understandable. By using state of the art audio and video equipment as well as professional actors, the client receives a video that adds luster to his or her campaign. By writing the text, the client is in control of the script. Clients have direct control over content and graphics. PR Video maintains a roster of qualified, established actors and actresses from which the client chooses to deliver the message. Clients also choose wardrobes, sets, any props, and the soundtrack and lighting. PR Video then delivers the technical expertise to make a video that will engage viewers. Whether the desired video is a conventional commercial, intended for an internal training program, or for getting a client’s reputation out where it can be seen, PR Video delivers the product quickly and affordably. Videos are compatible with numerous formats and can be webcast on YouTube, other video-on-demand sites, or on corporate websites and blogs. Because these are custom videos tailored to the client’s needs and expectations, the result will hold a viewer’s attention in a clear and attractive, memorable fashion. A client with an idea will be amazed at how it's brought to life by professional actors. PR Video is always recruiting new actors and new actresses to help our customers accomplish their public relation goals. Successful campaigns are designed by clients and executed in PR Video’s studios. Nothing produces buzz and attracts attention like widely shared video presentations that are available around the clock on the internet. These are inexpensive to produce professionally and clients get more bang for their investment over doing it themselves. < Back to Articles