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< Back to Articles How to Prepare for an On-Camera Interview- Tips for the Interviewee If you are preparing for a video interview, here are some helpful tips to follow. First of all, what would be appropriate to wear for a live camera interview? Solid colors are very important to help in minimizing distracting the viewer’s eyes. Light color shirts, or even stripe colored shirts can distract the eyes of the person who will be viewing the video interview. In this case, it is best for the interviewee to wear dark, solid colors, like blue and even black would be a good choice. Also, the interviewee should keep in mind to dress in a casual manner to limit distractions. Casual dress also creates a friendly manner or persona. It is also important for interviewees not to hide their eyes or face during the interview process. Therefore, for this reason the interviewee should not wear sunglasses or any head wear of any kind. It is very important for the interviewer to focus on the eyes of the interviewee so distractions can be kept minimal. It is a good idea for the interviewee to wear a little makeup to help in minimizing shiny skin as well as blotchiness. This is a good idea for both men and women to do to improve the video production process. Makeup sets can be purchased for less than 10 dollars from most drug stores. These are some preparation techniques that will surely help the interviewee to feel more confident before the video production process. If the interviewee follows these tips they will look great and feel more confident when going through the interview process. Overcoming the Fear of Public Video-Tips for the Interviewee/Interviewer We talked about physical preparation for public video interviews, but how can the interviewee overcome the fear of being put on public video? First of all, why do many people fear being recorded on public video? Two reasons could be because of a lack of proper guidance as well as just having a lack of experience being put in front of the camera. One tip that can help in minimizing the fear of public video is to use small microphones instead of larger more intimidating ones. The interviewee will be aware of the microphone as first but will later forget it is even present, especially if a small microphone is worn on the clothing. Another tip is for the interviewer to help the interviewee become more comfortable in front of the camera by not beginning the interview right when the camera starts rolling. The interviewee can become more comfortable by the interviewer starting with a non-related conversation. This not only helps the interviewee to become comfortable, but also shows the interviewer is paying attention to him/her. These are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind when both the interviewer and interviewee is preparing for an interview to be publicly recorded. The interviewer should be prepared to help in making the interviewee feel as comfortable as possible in order for the interview process to be a smooth one. The interviewee should also be well prepared in physical appearance so he/she is sure to look great on camera. Having a great physical appearance will help the interviewee to feel more confident during the entire interview process. < Back to Articles