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< Back to Articles Video text reading is essential for establishing a connection with the viewing audience. The first stage of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process is to persuade viewers to view the website. The second stage is to keep them interested once they have landed on the website. Website developers must first establish a compelling video that will encourage viewers to play the video. Both the audio and visual must be persuasive enough to keep the viewer interested in the content displayed. Video text reading is a part of establishing the relationship. The text of the video placed will help the web developer achieve maximum page landings when placed in the context of the website. The video text must appeal to the masses to be compelling to the viewer. Videographers often establish a connection with the audience by displaying images and text that is the norm to the majority of the viewing public or by creating a sensational video that is difficult to resist. Norms may consist of a suburban family with two children or a popular saying that nearly everyone can relate to. Many people in America can relate to images and video texts referring to God and other spiritual aspects of life. Inferences to a Satan character or a God-like figure is often universal and many people can relate on some level to the inclusion in the video. The video text provides the entire mood of the video or the vision of the video. This text provides the videographer with a framework to create the video according to the video text. The video text reading will include dialogue along with a description of the events and characters involved. The more descriptive the video text, the more likely the videographer will produce an accurate replication of the vision of the writer. The customer may communicate the message to the audience through the actor that is chosen for the script. This actor is merely a vessel. The actors interpret the video text reading and give life to the script. The customer may even select the actors clothing, background and overall appearance. Text, along with images, serves as a guide to help actors understand the conveyed message in the video text reading. There are numerous approaches to this process, but it requires significant interpretation of the information provided. Many people prefer video text, because it is both a visual and audio presentation that can be presented to an individual in one minute or less. This method is easier to comprehend. A message can be conveyed quickly and concisely. Many video production artists may interpret, extrapolate and improve upon the video text reading created. The same scenario in plain text may be several pages. Video text readings capture the audience and hold their attention longer than several pages of text. This method is preferred by audio-visual learners in the industry. < Back to Articles