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< Back to Articles Whether you’re trying to sell a product, advertise your services, or simply deliver a message to a broad audience, PR Video produced viral videos are a contemporary, affordable, and effective solution. Television commercials are no longer as effective as they once were. To many viewers, commercials are an unwanted invasion of the home and quickly fall victim to the mute button or a channel change. With so many viewers relying on DVR equipment, many commercials are fast-forwarded all the way through. Viral videos on the other hand are distributed directly by the consumer through various social media sites. Viral videos that are forwarded, liked, or otherwise shared by a trusted friend, colleague, or acquaintance are much more likely to be paid attention to than traditional television commercials. The power of viral networking sends your message out to more audiences than your marketing team could dream up. You can always shoot your own video, post it on You-Tube, and hope it takes off. Or you could trust your viral video to proven professionals. A properly produced viral video can turn a modest investment into a self-perpetuating ad campaign that spreads around the Internet through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and forwarded emails. PR Videos are already formatted to be social media friendly. At PR Video, customers provide the message and any images and professional actors transform it into a viral video sensation. Customers are given the choice of what clothing the actors wear, a general mood they wish the actors to project, and a backdrop for the actor to stand in front of. All PR Video packages include professionally crafted videos. Pricing begins at just $99 for a basic video. For an additional $100, you can select your own background, add a custom image, and select your own actor. Rich Media Videos are available for $249, include an additional three static images and embedded videos. An additional $40 search engine marketing package ensures that your viral video is initially dispersed throughout the internet optimizing the number of avenues for individual users to stumble across it and begin forwarding, posting, sharing, and liking on their favorite social media sites. Script editing packages help to make your content enjoyable for the viewer and make them want to pass it along. Keeping your dialogue sharp, concise, and easy to understand will further the success of your video. Bringing in humor or a human interest will ensure that it gets passed on and on. Rest assured that there are no grainy or boring videos here. Know that you are getting a quality product before you place your order. Sample videos are available for viewing on the PR Video website where you can also preview the work of many different actors. PR Video pays close attention to detail, but is still able to provide super fast turn around. You can get your custom, professional quality video completed in just two weeks. Not fast enough? It is also possible to expedite the process to get it even faster. < Back to Articles