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< Back to Articles It seems like many Voice Over Actors wish to remain hidden in the shadows and let their magic voice get all the attention. In fact, nothing could be farther from the truth. Voice Over Actors enjoys receiving all the acclaim and attention that other performers are awarded. What exactly are Voice Over Actors? We've all seen those animated productions on television and at the movies. The cartoon characters have their own voice. The voices are provided by living actors and not the cartoon characters. Short films, video games, radio commercials, industry films, all require someone to provide a distinctive voice that gets the attention of the audience. Presently, there is a call for professional actors to provide voices for business and entertainment products on the Internet. Voice Over Actors are in high demand across the globe. They do everything from reading a commercial script to providing voices for characters who appear in a film production. Many of the best actors in this professional have also acted in film productions, on stage, or other media. This type of experience gives the actor a definite advantage in assuming roles and understanding how to voice the part they play. Businesses across the globe are now aware of the advantages to using a Voice Over Actor in their media productions. They bring a sense of professionalism to the production and believability that is required to get their message across to the public. The new leagues of Voice Over Actors are more natural sounding, but their voices are still very commercial. Statistics prove that the consumer trust a more natural sounding low-key voice then one that is full of bluster and hyperbole. Business people across the globe are now turning to the Voice Over Professional to provide a convincing narrative for their text or media productions. This makes it possible for the business production to focus on the product or service in the narrative. The actor or commentator often gets in the way of the message. A Voice Over Actor does not get in the way of the production. The actor is simply a voice or narrative providing insight. The voice over professional will make your words come alive and help you instantly connect with your audience. < Back to Articles