Want To Learn Video Production? New Alternative To Video Production Internships

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< Back to Articles Are you interested in careers in video production? Have you been searching for video production internships, only to find that the video production industry is teeming with people willing and waiting to work for nothing? There’s a better way to learn video productionâ€"and make money doing it! PR Video is hiring aspiring videographers pursuing careers in video production to make videos for small businesses. It’s the perfect alternative to traditional video production internships: you can learn video production and hone your skills while building a portfolio of professional clips, and a resume of past clients sure to impress anyone in the video production industry. Use the money you make to upgrade your video gear, advance your education, or buy yourself that new Mac you’ve been drooling over. Don’t just sit around sighing about the lack of video production internships; take control of your career and apply now to be a videographer with PR Video! < Back to Articles