Why Are Infomercials So Effective?

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< Back to Articles What do OxiClean, the ThighMaster, Sweating to the Oldies and the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer have in common? They’re all obscure, over-priced products. They were all marketed in infomercials. And there’s a good chance that you’ve got at least one of them stashed away in your basement right now. Infomercials may be America’s inside joke, but their creators are laughing all the way to the bank. In fact, infomercial advertising brings in over 91 billion dollars a year in revenue! That’s no laughing matter! So what makes infomercial marketing so effective? You know the people in the video are trying to sell you something, and that you really have no excuse for being so intrigued by the latest, greatest steak knives, but infomercials have an addictive quality. You just can’t turn them off, and by the end of the program you’re convinced that you really need whatever new product the latest guru is peddling. The answer is in the infomercial script creation. Infomercial production uses NLP, or neurolingistic programming, to keep viewers glued to the screen, and motivate people to order. NLP is used in regular televisions commercials and online video ads as well, but the longer length of infomercials  gives it time to really work its magic.   But wait! There’s more! The same principles used in infomercial script creation and television advertising can be used to make your YouTube script more compelling, and help you sell products that are much more useful than, say, scissors that can cut pennies in half. At PR Video, we don’t do infomercial production, but we do have professional writers on staff who know how write scripts that sell, and for the low, low price of just $40, you too can take advantage of this outrageous offer! So have your credit card ready and order now! Or, you know, just contact us and talk to one of our friendly associates about how PR Video can help you promote your business. That would work too. < Back to Articles