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< Back to Articles In today’s internet business world, video has revolutionized the way business is conducted. Today video is utilized by small and large web based businesses in order to attract new clients and customers. Today's marketers use video for customer retention, in this way they are able to engage and inform new and regular customers about upcoming events, such as special items going on sale. Video has also created a need for talented actors and videographers. PR Video .com is a site that brings three separate components together to deliver video for small to large sized business… • Actors • Videographers • Marketers PR Video brings these three components together when a marketer has a need for video for their client or their own business. The marketer is able to put a work order together in three steps using PR Video’s selection process. First the marketer chooses the video package they are interested in from three available package options. Then after that has been done, the marketer then gets to do things such as upload video they have already, pictures they want included in the video, and of course their choice of an actor who will represent their product on video. PR Video has created a portal where actors and videographers, along with marketers who have a need for video services, are all able to work together with one purpose in mind; to create a video marketing product for the marketer’s intended customer. Whether you’re a marketer with a need for a video, an actor looking to join a solid company, or a professional videographer looking to offer your services, PR Video offers the opportunity for all of these professionals to work together to produce a quality video product. < Back to Articles