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< Back to Articles Videos allow the presentation of powerful and credible messages to be delivered to a large number of people quickly, efficiently, and cheaply. The consumer hunger for online video, coupled with web-based circulation of content, and the added benefit of search engine optimization allows the message to reach a multitude of consumers. A workplace training video production can stay on the Web for as long as one desires, allowing those interested to find it even months after uploading. An undeniable fact of producing and putting videos online is that they have an unlimited life time. Regardless of the message that is being delivered, portraying it with a video enhances the impact of the verbal content and increases the exposure opportunities. A video is easy to distribute through blogs, forums, YouTube, Twitter, and viral emails, thus creating a buzz about the message being conveyed. Additionally, videos draw the attention of search engines, especially when implanted with keyword rich text. A video is an ideal way to train new personnel or introduce them to all the important players in the office. It can also provide a who’s who of the people attending an event and help to boost the bonding between colleagues. The PR team can employ the video as a promotional tool for future events that may be planned. Needless to say, any information that needs to be circulated can be better done though a video. A workplace training video production can be put together very easily and quickly with professional results. All one needs to do is first select a video package most suitable for individual needs, like the basic, standard, or rich media. Once that is done, other options become available, for example, the preference to add script editing services or search engine marketing. After creating an account for workplace training video production, and making the payment, there is the option of editing the content to suit individual needs. At this point, it is possible to add any text, pictures, or other media that should be included in the production. Next, choose an actor or an actress of your liking and leave any instructions that may be useful to the presenters and producer. The professionals will take over from here and deliver the finished product in roughly two weeks. If additional editorial help is purchased, then experienced writers will convert your uploaded text into an accomplished script and generate a storyboard using the media provided. Obviously, any changes in the script will be carried out with the consent and collaboration of the owner. Only with the owner’s final approval will the storyboard be passed on to the actor or actress chosen. Upon completion, the link to the workplace training video production will be sent to the owner to download. It will also be uploaded to YouTube, so linking the video to the owner’s website, blog, or other profiles can be carried out with ease. With title and video description optimization, one thousand hits are guaranteed in the first month. < Back to Articles