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< Back to Articles Acting for YouTube may be another outlet for actors looking for work. YouTube production includes actors,voice actors, directors and technicians. It is not just individuals putting home videos on the web for all the world to see after filming a ridiculous stunt or a dancing two-year-old. There are various production methods and this particular one is different in that the customer is the director. A customer can upload text and images, pick an actor to deliver lines and decide what the actor wears. The customer will also decide the mood of the piece and the type of background needed to assist the actor in getting the message across, whatever it may be. Actors may have to repeat takes, as one would in a movie shoot, because the customer-director still makes the decision of what take is best, but that is a given. This is a paid job that can go on a resume, therefore showing experience, and it would enhance an actor's status as any other acting job would. Some actors have gone on to do bigger and better things, and with millions of people watching YouTube, someone is bound to see one's performance in a video and want to hire that person. A YouTube performance is almost like answering a casting call. The actor will be on display for any director, producer and casting personnel that flips through videos looking for someone who might fit the role in the next commercial, TV show or film. The actor's appearance, voice and ability to play the role will be exhibited in the video, and the subject matter may enhance the performance if the information is bland or dull. The actor may make the material more interesting and someone is sure to notice that. The insurance company with the lizard found a way to grab attention from the viewer even to talk about insurance. The actor might do the same thing for a YouTube production about aspirin or denture cream. The customer-director may have definite ideas about how the video should progress, but some may be open to suggestions or tips from the actor. A happy customer cannot be a bad thing. The customer will undoubtedly be a word-of-mouth promoter with or without intent. People talk about any number of things to impress their friends or competitors, so more referrals could unwittingly be the result of a YouTube job. Look around on the YouTube site and you'll see countless examples of who makes videos and why. A professional actor could easily improve any of these videos, as one can plainly see. Acting and convincing are so similar that it may be like an easy A course at school. Have you applied for a YouTube job yet? < Back to Articles