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< Back to Articles Videos are quickly becoming an effective marketing tool. Nearly any type of company can have a marketing video online from local businesses to Internet retailer. Making your own video can be expensive and time consuming if you've never made a video before. PR Video YouTube video maker can produce your video for you. With PR Video, you can have as much control over the final video as you want. You can select the individual actor, the background, and even embed videos and still photos in the video. Add optional search engine marketing for even more impact from one video. PR Video has three different YouTube video maker packages. The basic package lets you upload your text and you will receive a professionally made video in about two weeks. The higher packages allow you to select the background, actors, and even embed videos and still photos into the video. Optimizing the video with a title for your keywords and a description costs extra. Producing your own video can be very costly. You will need the right camera, lighting, backdrops, and an actor. If you have never made a video before, it can take a lot of time to get the video just right. Having PR Video make your video can save time and money as well as give you a professional, search engine optimized video for your business. Using PR Video for a YouTube video maker can be quick and easy. Select the package that's right for your needs. Add the optional search engine marketing or script editing. Create an account and then you can check out. Then you can upload any videos, text, or pictures that you want included in your video. Then select the background, colors, and actors as determined by your video package. If you purchased the optional script editing with any of the YouTube video maker packages, you will be contacted for input with the storyboard. With social networking being so popular now, videos can be shared on Twitter or Facebook. A single user can share a YouTube video with their contacts who will share it with their contacts. This cycle can repeat indefinitely. This is called viral marketing and it is very powerful. It requires no additional effort on your part, but the impact on your business can be insurmountable. Google regularly displays YouTube videos in search results. By having a YouTube video maker optimize your video, you can be seen in Google searches as well as in YouTube searches. PR Video guarantees 1,000 hits on your video on YouTube if you purchase the optional search engine marketing package. Getting a professional YouTube from PR Video can be easy and cost effective. A single video can be seen by thousands or millions of people. That type of audience is rarely seen out of expensive television and magazine ads. Be as involved as you want or let PR Video completely make your video. < Back to Articles