Privacy Policy

Can we guarantee your privacy?

Can we guarantee your privacy when using this site? Answer: No

Google, Bing and Yahoo probably track this site in ways we do not understand. Do you use Google? Do you use Facebook? You have already lost your privacy. Quote from Mark Zuckerberg: "The age of Privacy is Over." Most likely your use of this site will be tracked. If you allow us to put a webcam in your house we would appreciate it. We do not yet use GPS tracing of our customers but we do not rule it out. We will not implant a tracking microchip in your body unless you let us, use of this site does not constitute such permission but our policies may change without notice. While we do not try to broadcast your emails, you should assume your emails to us are not secret. We are probably using cookies. We also eat cookies. We do not eat Spam, we might send some.

That is our privacy policy, yep. We hope you appreciate that it is honest and short.